Included Benefits

GHOST CONTROLS® products are designed and manufactured with pride, delivering the highest quality product and customer support in the industry. To ensure we deliver on our promise, we provide online, phone, video, and text support, and stand by our products with unprecedented limited lifetime warranties.
Warranty Warriors
From powerful wireless solutions for remotely opening your gate to dependable components, every customer receives the highest quality manufactured products to suit their automatic gate opener needs.
GHOST CONTROLS® works to create reliable automatic gate openers that will deliver you peace of mind while you’re at home or away on vacation.
Our experts are always working to create products that are durable and reliable.
With easy installation, customers are provided with sleek gate openers that work more quietly than any other system on the market.
Ghost Controls® prides itself on providing the best unmatched customer support in the automated gate industry, and our team knows that providing customers with a quality product is absolutely essential to their satisfaction and our success. However, when there is an issue, we offer multiple methods to receive help with your Ghost Controls® opener,
add-on or accessory – including contacting the Ghost Controls® support team by phone, chat, online with our schedule a call, or by email.
GHOST CONTROLS®, experienced team members are determined to work to give customers the best tech and sales support possible.
Quality troubleshooting resources, such as guided installation videos, are also available on our website for customers to ensure your gate opener works effortlessly. We are here to help!
Our team makes sure customers effectively understand the products and answer questions to prevent confusion and any difficulty when using and installing our systems.
Solar Or AC Power
At Ghost Controls®, we’re always providing our customers with options. Both Solar and AC come with their own set of benefits.
A preferable alternative to a conventional power source whenever you want to go off
the grid.
Clean energy and helping the environment.
No having to run long wire to an electric outlet.
Up to 30Watts of solar can be added to recharge your battery. More solar power is better for a more reliable solar opener system.
A 12V deep cycle marine battery is recommended for optimal gate usage and solar power supply.
No electricity, no problem, you’re running on solar power. Click here to learn more about batteries.
16 gauge stranded, 2 conductor wire can be ran up to 1,000 ft from the gate.
Our battery box kit is a great fit for those utilizing the AC Transformer.
Consistent trickle charge to your battery.
Will work when you have no power, allowing you to enter and exit your gate until the power comes back. This is dependent on the number of times you open and close the gate a day while the electricity is out.
You’re covered with Ghost Controls’ solar kits. There is always peace of mind.
Our systems are solar optimized for areas where electricity is not an option for recharging your battery. Add up to 30W of solar to each system.
Did you know that you can run the AC Transformer from 1,000 ft from your gate? Click here for more information.
Ghost Controls® holds several patents and patent-pending innovations that allow our gate openers and accessories to stand out from other products in the market. These features offer convenience, without sacrificing safety, security or reliability, which is why Ghost Controls® systems are one of the most valuable gate opener investments
your family can make.
Innovation at the Speed of Reliability, our team collectively takes the time to make sure every GHOST CONTROLS® product is manufactured with the
highest quality that with normal use will last them a lifetime.
Our wireless has unique and patented features such as our Partymode, Partymode Secure and Vacationmode. Everything we deliver at GHOST CONTROLS® is tested to work at industry-leading standards.
Let’s Connect.
Ghost Multi Connect™ is created with the intention of giving our customers the satisfaction of having a gate opener that fits their lifestyle and growing family’s needs.
“Order was processed and shipped quickly.  Once we received our double gate package, we had everything we needed and the directions were easy to follow.”

Tanner G.
Summerville, SC